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The wild sea cucumber harvested by RBS Seafood is commonly known as Giant Red Sea Cucumber.

Scientific name: Parastichopus californicus.

The popular Chinese name is Haishen or ginseng of the sea.

We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality Giant Red Sea cucumbers in the world!

The harvest occurs once a year, usually starting in October when sea cucumber muscle weight is at its greatest. The fishery is regulated by limited quota and is usually completed by mid-November. Currently the Canadian west coast quota is 1.36 million lb (live weight), and last year RBS Seafood harvested 30% of the quota.

The time from which our divers hand-pick the sea cucumbers to when the sea cucumbers are processed is the freshest the industry can provide.

When the product arrives at the processing plant the meat is immediately separated from the skin, trimmed, washed, packaged, and frozen. The skin goes directly to the cooker, cooked for the assigned time, and salted for a week. We then remove excess salt, box the product, and store it in the freezer.


  • Meat is available in 30 lb master boxes (2 lb vac pack bag x 15 bags per master box)
  •  Skin (cooked, salted) is available in 40 lb bulk pack, or 1 lb vac pack bag x 35 bags per master.
  • Upon request we are able to produce 100% dried sea cucumber skin


About Us

We at RBS Seafood Harvesting Ltd. have over 30 years experience in seafood harvesting off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Some of the harvesting methods used by the fisheries we are involved in include: dive (urchin, sea cucumber), trap (black cod, prawns), and troll (tuna, salmon).

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